is based out of Athens, GA with her husband and partner, Alec, and their mini-aussie, Nola. While often on the road, she savors every chance she gets to be homebody where their walls are lined by hand developed prints and their shelves hold knick-knacks found while exploring the world together. 

Always the introvert, she found herself communicating her emotions more easily through her work, which led to her developing a much higher comfortability with interpersonal connection. After graduating high school in rural Perry, GA, Halie felt like she was destined for something more interesting than the weekend kegger at the local bonfire. 

Halie attended the Lamar Dodd School of Art at the University of Georgia, where she developed much more than just photos in a dark room: she honed her passion to document a story, from start to finish. Halie's specializes in crafting creative portraits, with an eye for hidden detail. In her spare time, she explores abandoned environments and photographs the beauty in places that most have, unfortunately, forgotten about. When not shooting or editing, you can find her soaking in the tub, glass of red wine in hand, trying to figure the best way to eat cheese while finessing the latter.

Follow Halie's ordinarily extraordinary life on film here : @haliestan



was made to be creative. Alec was made for me. When I first met him, I found myself so attracted to his dedication and passion to the music he creates.Having grown up around so many girls that fell head over heels for any guys that were "in a band", I was not intrigued by the fact that he was a musician. I was intimidated by his past experiences, including being featured on the Jimmy Kimmel  show and his then recent journey to work for Sub Pop Records in Seattle, Washington. It was there where he discovered his love for photography. At the time, he was a music journalist and had to take photos to accompany his articles (because no one else would do it for free). 

One weekend while Alec was visiting me in Athens, I got an inquiry for a smaller intimate week day wedding. The groom wanted a wedding video, and I, wanting to spend every waking moment with Alec, asked him if it was something he'd be interested in trying. I guess he didn't want to be away from me either, because he acted 100% confident and accepted the offer. He didn't even own a camera, so we borrowed one from my roommate. I was floored by his first wedding video; I had trouble telling the difference between the wedding photos I took and the stills he took in the midst of his video. I knew at that moment that our styles complimented each other and that we were meant to work together forever. 

When Alec isn't taking pictures, he is usually cooking (he's a fantastic cook), making music, or giving me the best cuddles in the whole world. 

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is based out of Athens, GA with a keen appreciation for minimalist design, quiet living, and working with her hands.  She plays mandolin in the midst of raising her three girls, and documents their home life together through photojournalism entries on her website, http://www.paigefrench.com.

A fixture in the Athenian creative community, Paige is also nationally recognized- her work has been featured in myriad publications, including  Simply Styled for Kirsten Grove, Bon Apetit, Food and Wine Magazine, MintedTrouvé Magazine, and many more. She has shot over one hundred weddings, with a knack for capturing the day's emotion beyond the visual. 

Follow her daily happenings on Instagram at @_paigefrench.