There’s no place I love meeting my clients at more than the North Carolina Mountains. That area truly has my heart.

I met up with Tesi + Josh in Asheville before we rode together to Max Patch Mountain. I was extra excited for this session because I met Tesi years ago in art school, but I had yet to meet her other half. Even with knowing absolutely nothing about Josh beforehand, I knew he had to be amazing in order to make such an impression on Tesi. Both of them are so easy to be around. I think we were together for about 6-7 hours total and we never ran out of things to talk or joke about.

We all had our hearts set on Max Patch Mountain, but almost went with another plan because Max Patch was supposed to be covered in snow. It sounds beautiful and all, but apparently it was so much that we probably wouldn’t be able to make it up there. We all agreed that something was telling us all to just go anyway and risk it. We were so weirded out and surprised to see that most of the snow had melted just overnight. There was one little snow covered area left for us….just enough to add a little variety to the scene. They stomped through some snow, tip toed through water, and even got their nice shoes covered in mud — and did it all with joy.

These two babes are getting married this weekend at Summerour Studio and I’m so dang excited to hang out with them again! I’m already eager to share their wedding photos that I’ve yet to take, but for now, enjoy the outtakes of their dreamy engagement session <3