You guys may remember Jaquie + Andy (blog post here) because their story basically blew up the internet. The morning we woke up to emails from hundreds of news companies and blogs, we almost cried with joy because Jaquie's story was being told to the world. I have chills as I begin to describe my admiration of these two. Jaquie is by far the strongest and most determined woman I have yet to meet. She went from being paralyzed from the neck down and told that she would never walk again -- to standing, walking, dancing, and is now a month or so shy of giving birth!! One day she will run and we will be there to document that as well. Andy is one of the kindest souls and his selflessness shines through to Jaquie daily. Watching the two of them together is so incredibly refreshing and inspiring.

We know that baby Olive will be a perfect mixture of their two souls and personalities. I'm so honored to be able to be in the room when Jaquie gives birth soon and witness the joy that Olive will bring to their entire family.