Calm. That is how I would describe this day in one word.
Sadly lots of times the day feels rushed and stressful for everyone involved. This day was different.

Although Paige + Jake got ready in two separate houses, the relaxed mood in each was identical. They both got ready with only one person, Paige with her sister and Jake with his brother. When they came together with only a few of their favorite people, that mood remained the same. The ceremony was quiet and sentimental. They said their vows in front of Jake's grandparent's house and his grandfather married them. Every moment seemed intentional. Even the occasional soft breeze seemed queued to add to the moment. The weather matched the tone of the day; the clouds created a soft, even light over every surface. It looked like the calm after the storm. The rain held off until we all gathered under the tent for dinner, talks, and dancing -- but even then it was light enough to only add soft background noise. It was seriously one of the dreamiest weddings we've ever been to. Patiently waiting for our paths to cross theirs again and for another trip to Cape Cod; both at the same time sound quite nice. ♥