I would have to say that we've gotten more inquiries for June 4th than any other date this year (ten and counting) and we are SO GLAD that Bryan and Chris are the ones that we are working with that day. It almost feels as if it was meant to be. Halie and I have both said numerous times that we would be so sad if we had taken another job on that date and then received their inquiry.  

Enough with the cheesy shit. Bryan wasn't originally into the idea of doing an engagement session because "they weren't really the serious type." Girl please. Halie and I are probably the most ridiculous people that you will ever meet and jump at the opportunity to do anything outside of the box. We really like to shape our couple's sessions to fit the unique attributes of each relationship. Bryan and Chris share a love that is deeply intertwined with their ability to make each other laugh and not take themselves too seriously. At the session, Bryan let it slip that there will be a bouncy house at their wedding. 


We loved meeting up with them at Bryan's childhood home in the Boulevard neighborhood in Athens, GA. We drank beer, jumped on a trampoline, climbed trees, and even played dress up. The only thing left to do is work on our dance moves for what is surely going to be one of our favorite weddings to date.