Alec normally does the talking but I'm gonna take over for this one because it's special. I met Paige on my first day at the University of Georgia. It was an 8am 3D Design class. My first art class. My first opportunity to prove myself and get into the art program. That morning, I was so bummed. I had recently gotten a retainer that I had to wear at all times and it made me talk with a lisp. I had recently ran from a "ghost" while sneaking into an abandoned meat factory with my friends and injured my foot, so I was wearing a dorky boot. I had recently gotten a horrible haircut. And on top of that, I am not a morning person. I knew for sure I wouldn't make any friends. Luckily, I chose to sit beside Paige that morning. I've never told her this, but she made my first semester so much better than I expected. We talked daily (in basically our pjs because duh we had to be there at 8am) about how tired we were, how stupid some of the projects were, and how much we liked dogs since we found the right ones. Years later, we get an inquiry from her to shoot her engagement photos and Cape Cod wedding. We traveled to Asheville to see her for the first time in forever and to photograph them. We literally can't wait to visit Cape Cod and be a part of their intimate wedding ceremony. I haven't found many things, but this is one of the good things the came from me going to college. Cheers to Paige + Jake. Y'all sure are cute.