Sara and Danny are one of our most unique love stories to date, as they have now finally celebrated the love they have shared for years with their dream wedding. All of their children were present for this day and had a very large part in making it feel so special (wait until you see Sara’s first look with her daughter). The tenderness of Sara compliments the toughness of Danny in such a way that you can see truly how they make each other whole, forming one unbreakable and whole union. Sara is quite the talented creative herself, something that shows greatly through all of the amazing details of their wedding. The celebration that took place on this evening was a night we will always remember; one filled with a tearjerking father-daughter dance (Danny and their daughter Sophie) and ending with Danny trying his first ever alcoholic beverage while Sara smoked a hand-rolled cigar with her gals by the evening fire. We couldn’t be happier with how deeply their love shows through the photos we were so graciously able to capture throughout their day.

Sara + Danny, we hope to always be the “scene kids taking your photographs".